2014 03 19

Greetings with International Client’s Day!

hand.jpg (thumb, 225x161)Dear Jurby WaterTech International Clients!

Our Team congratulates you with International Client’s Day!

We thank you for loyalty, cooperation, criticism and praise, flexibility, understanding and smiles.
We thank you for being exacting and unique! It helps us to develop so you can get the services and products of the best quality!

We have hundreds reasons to thank you, but the most important is that we have you. Without you there would be no us.

About the event

There are a lot of special days dedicated to different social groups in the world. It can be Pensioner’s day, Boss’s day, Lover’s day… Not long ago a new Special day has won it’s place in the range of celebrations – The International Clients’ day. With every year it becomes more and more popular. In 2010 it has been celebrated for the first time. Initiators for this day are entrepreneurs from Russia and Lithuania. 


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