2018 02 12

“Green Certificate-technology is tested” for waste water treatment technologies from Green Patrol

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On 09 of February 2018 Jurby WaterTech International has been awarded by Green Patrol with “Green Certificate-technology is tested” for sewage and waste water treatment technologies. During the ceremony also were announced the results of the "Environmental Rating of the Subjects of the Russian Federation".

The certificate was issued by authorized representatives of the President of the Russian Federation.

Ceremonial event was organized by “Green Patrol”.

Jurby WaterTech International focuses on solving problems of rational use and protection of water resources in accordance with environmental requirements and individual customer needsThe company offers GreenFort technology to the industrial companies and municipal sector for:

  • Wastewater treatment at industrial enterprises (industrial wastewater treatment);
  • Household wastewater treatment;
  • Surface wastewater treatment.

Waste water treatment methods: 

  • Activated carbon polishing;
  • Activated sludge systems;
  • Anaerobic treatment;
  • Biological filters;
  • Bulking sludge;
  • Coagulation and flocculation;
  • Effluent quality improvement;
  • Load control;
  • MBBR;
  • MBR;
  • Nutrient removal (N & P);
  • Odour treatment;
  • Ozone oxidation;
  • Screening;
  • Sequenced batch reactors;
  • Sludge dewatering;
  • Sludge Digestion;
  • Sludge Drying;
  • Upgrade of existing facilities.

ZLD - zero liquid discharge ensures the use of treated effluents in full for own needs of enterprises:

  • Purification of storm water (this is the conservation of water resources and the disposal of effluents, which are usually discharged into the environment); 
  • Purification of effluent for the pipe-rolling industry (conversion of harmful effluents to a product that is profitable for the enterprise - desalinated water, and environmental protection from the release of heavy metals).

The technologies of Jurby WaterTech International for water treatment and wastewater treatment are aimed at harm reduction to the environment: 

  • Less energy is consumed in production (up to 75% compared to traditional aeration technologies used);
  • Reduces the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere;
  • Reduces the release of chemical waste into the environment;
  • Optimizes the OPEX and CAPEX for clients;
  • Prevents the appearance of diseases (cholera, gastroenteritis, etc.), the technologies remove these bacteria and viruses from water;
  • Water reuse minimizes the risk of drought and lack of water supply.

The benefits for Jurby WaterTech International clients of “Green Certificate-technology is tested”:

  • Assisting the client in conscious choice of a technology and services;
  • Independent expert review of the quality conformance of technologies and process.

More about Ceremony Event:  http://tass.ru/obschestvo/4945502


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