2013 09 05

Generation NEXT: start-up of production of new-generation AquaShell® composite pressure tanks

New AquaShell®- img_0716_resize.jpg (thumb, 215x161)A production of new-generation AquaShell® composite pressure vessels has been launched at production facilities of Jurby WaterTech International (Kaunas, Lithuania).

After a few years of research, testing and continuous customer communication, Jurby WaterTech International’s technologists updated and expanded the process of manufacture of AquaShell composite tanks.

The substantially improved pressure vessel quality indicators set the new-generation AquaShell® composite tanks apart from the previous models. The new product meets all requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/ЕС.

The process of the internal liner processing with the application of unique technology which enabled to significantly enhance the product reliability was introduced into production. It should be noted that this technology extended the know-how list of our company.

The product has a 4:1 safety factor (it can withstand pressure that is 4 times upwards than the maximum working pressure). The pressure vessel endures at least 200, 000 regeneration cycles in a test bench.

Besides the handling of internal liner, the new materials are also used for the threaded section of the new-generation AquaShell® composite tanks. Moreover, new AquaShell® model differs from the former pressure vessels by its improved design.

Visually, the new-generation AquaShell® composite pressure tanks will be distinguished by color of the threaded section, namely, white plastic rather than the ordinary black one is used.

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