2012 02 06

GE Power & Water will conduct training for Jurby WaterTech International’ technicians

0982_001.jpg (thumb, 117x161)Jurby WaterTech pays particular attention to technical development of its personnel. Both the in-company trainings and the outside training courses with the involvement of foreign experts are provided on a scheduled basis. The nearest training for technicians and managers of Jurby WaterTech International will be conducted by the representatives of GE Power & Water. The biological treatment of wastewater using membrane bioreactors (MBRs) will be the main topic of training. Training will be held in the Lithuanian Office of Jurby WaterTech International, in Kaunas on 22 – 24 February.

Meanwhile, last week, the training was given to the employees of the Commissioning Department of our company in Jurby WaterTech International’s Moscow Office. During seminar, Eugeny Dolgov, the representative of DOW Company, presented a line of Dow osmotic membranes and told about the minutest details of application of the reverse osmosis technology. His colleague, Ilya Bakhtin, Cand.Sc. (Chemistry) and technical expert, presented a range of produced ion-exchange materials and dwelt on the issue of specific features of their use.


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