2011 11 10

Director of Jurby WaterTech International’s Components Division summed up the results of Exhibition Aquatech Amsterdam 2011

Tomas Jankauskas, Director of Components Division and Vice-President of Jurby WaterTech International, answers the company’s website questions.

Mr Tomas, what is your estimate of the last Exhibition in Amsterdam?

The Exhibition has completely answered our expectations and justified its good reputation. The main goal of our participation in this Exhibition was revival and strengthening of contacts with dealers. We managed to do it. I will give you an example. Following the exhibition, we are busy with shipment of products to the customers in Ireland, Finland and Spain and we are talking about the volumes that amount to containers. In addition to this, we conduct negotiations with the prospect dealers from Indonesia, Australia and India. In other words, the Exhibition was successful and effective. I am sure that in the near future our production facilities will keep running at even more capacity.

At this year exhibition, there were more visitors from the Eastern Europe as compared with previous years. How can you explain it?

This year, many visitors from such East European counties, as Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, attended the Exhibition. I see a tendency in it: while the European economy is stagnant, the European producers willingly give discounts and provide better delivery terms for even not large-scale buyers from the Eastern Europe. In its turn, the manufacturers from the ex-USSR countries seek for the opportunities to import the products by themselves, without recourse to the heavy domestic importers.

What generated the greatest interest among the attendants of our company’s stand?

This is out of question our composite pressure tanks and vessels, AquaShell and ROShell, and Watex ion-exchange resin. However, the most popular brand at the last Exhibition was AquaShell pressure tank. Presently, a full line of Aquashell composite pressure tanks of 8″ to 36″ diameter for filtration processes is produced at our manufacturing facilities in Lithuania. The production of 42″ and 48″ diameter tanks is in our plans for 2012. Just these particular tanks attract the most interest of our customers. Besides, as we can see even now, one more our product, namely cabinets ??? (кабинетики), will have a high demand.


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