2020 09 09

Cooperation with NAK Azot, OAO

naklogo.jpg (mini, 83x104)Cooperation with OAO NAK Azot is underway. Reagent treatment has been started according to the JurbySoft programme at Water-Cooling Cycle -7 and Water-Cooling Cycle -10 of the nitric acid production shop. The treatment programme is designed to protect the equipment from scale, corrosion and microbiological fouling. In addition, the company JurbyWaterTech, UAB has been applying the treatment programme for water-cooling cycles in the methanol production shop for the past several years.

OAO NAK Azot affiliates to the holding company AO Mineral and Chemical Company EuroChem. EuroChem is one of the fastest growing large fertilizer producers. The company has been ranking among five global leaders by overall production over the past three years.


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