2013 04 02

Cooperation with large enterprises of Russian construction industry. Manufacture of water treatment complex for JSC Zavod Minplita

img_2572_resize.jpg (regular, 500x375)Cooperation of the international engineering company, Jurby WaterTech International, and JSC Zavod Minplita, one of the enterprises of «Saint Gobain Construction Products Rus» Concern (Chelyabinsk Region, Russian Federation) began in 2012. The main activity of JSC Zavod Minplita is the production of mineral wool based on basalt fibre.  There was a need for upgrading of the existing production equipment cooling system at the enterprise. Within the framework of the project on upgrading of the cooling system, the implementation of a new water treatment plant was required that was the first stage of the cooling system upgrade project. 

The technical experts of JSC Zavod Minplita selected our company as a supplier of a water treatment complex. Jurby WaterTech International performs a full range of works: development of the design and working documentation for the water treatment system and manufacture of a water treatment complex at the company’s manufacturing facilities in Lithuania (the EU); the execution of installation works (the necessary construction operations, including foundation works, are among them), performance of commissioning and start-up procedures and training of personnel are next in turn. The capacity of the water treatment complex amounts to 35m3/h.

The basic equipment of the WTP to meet the production requirements as to the quality and volume of water for the system of processing equipment cooling includes filtration plant, softening plant, treated water tank and pumping equipment.  Jurby WaterTech International’s water treatment complex will enable to remove suspended solids and hardness from water. It will operate in full automatic mode requiring no constant attendance of maintenance staff.


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