2013 04 26

Continuation of cooperation of OAO VNIPIneft and Jurby WaterTech International in Russia’s oil refining sector

Continuation of cooperation of OAO VNIPIneft and Jurby WaterTech International in Russia’s oil refining sector- rnpk.jpg (thumb, 240x161)The cooperation of Jurby WaterTech International and OAO VNIPIneft continues.

Within the framework of this cooperation, a contract for elaboration of design documentation for demineralised water plants under the project “VGO Hydro-Cracking Unit Construction at PLC Ryazan Oil Refining Company (RNPK)” is concluded. TNK-BP, into the structure of which RNPK enters, implements a program of modernization of oil refining capacities. The reconstruction of major equipment is under way at Ryazan Oil Refining Company (RNPK). The enterprise is in preparation for transfer to the production of engine fuels complying with Euro-5 standard, the increase of the oil processing depth and the yield of more light products. The demineralised water plant to be designed by Jurby WaterTech International is intended for provision of VGO hydro-cracking unit with demineralised water.

Engineering aspect of design 

The projected process flow scheme for water treatment is as follows: pre-treatment of feedwater by the following technology - automatic self-cleaning filtration, coagulation and fine filtering via ultrafiltration units. The pre-treatment unit also prepares water for makeup of recycling cooling water system at the rate of 200m3/h. The treatment of demineralised water is made by the reverse osmosis technology with the further electrodeionization. It should provide the required quantity of water with the maximum reduced energy costs and chemical demand, as well as, minimum investment costs.

Reference on OAO VNIPIneft

Cooperation of OAO VNIPIneft and Jurby WaterTech International was established in 2006. Currently OAO VNIPIneft is a leading Russian engineering company in the field of oil and gas processing, petrochemistry, chemistry and oil field development in respect of its production potential, technical capabilities, the volume of work on hand and the scope of orders awarded.


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