2014 10 10

Company's technicians mastered new method of steel structure anti-corrosion protection

img_1339good_resize.jpg (thumb, 192x161)Technicians of Jurby WaterTech International's Production Department mastered the method of steel structure anti-corrosion protection that may be extensively used in future projects of the company. The process consists of the following phases:

Removal of mud and rust

Surface grinding, removal of scratches and roughness (if necessary)

Anticorrosive coating


Surface priming

Two-coat metal painting

The above process enables not only to improve the adhesion of paint with metal, but also to prevent the formation of corrosion centres under a paint film. This method was developed in order to cut production costs of steel structures being manufactured that will enable to reduce the Customer's expenses. The decision of all steel structures to be fabricated from carbon steel with the follow-up anticorrosive coating was taken. 


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