2012 03 19

According to Director of Components Division, T. Jankauskas, the Division’s financial figures for Quarter I, 2012 are 40% up as against the figures for the same period of 2011.

tomas_interview2.jpg (thumb, 227x161)The Components Division of Jurby WaterTech International offers a wide range of component parts for water treatment equipment, particularly, AquaShell® in-house composite tanks for filtration plants and ROShell® in-house composite vessels for membrane technologies. Furthermore, the Division offers filter media and consumables, among which are JurbySalt® salt tablets and JurbyMix® universal filter medium.   

Mini-interview with Tomas Jankauskas, Director of Components Division and Vice-President of Jurby WaterTech International.

Was the Year 2011 successful for your Division? How did the Year 2012 begin?

The current year began successfully for our Division. Even now, it is apparent that the financial figures for I quarter, 2012 will be 40% up as against the figures for the same period of 2011. The activity of clients in Russia and Ukraine is stepping out. There is also an increase in sales in Belarus: the total slack in 2011 caused by the problems with the Belarusian rouble was replaced by this year active demand – in the truest sense of the word, we can hardly despatch the products to this country. Aquatech Amsterdam trade exhibition held last November also contributed to the sales growth. After participation in this event, we not only succeeded in returning our former clients, but also started deliveries to new and large clients, for example, in Sweden.

What are the plans for Division’s product development this year?

The product development is carried out in several directions. First of all, this is an expansion of the range of AquaShell composite tanks for filtration processes. At the moment, the largest tank produced at our manufacturing facilities is of 36’ diameter. We plan to produce 42’ and 48’ tanks. The tests of winding equipment are completed. The scale tests of these products are scheduled for II quarter.

The second line of development is cabinet-type plants of our own production. This has been spoken about quite many times. The point is that the decision to change the design of this product was taken. The new design is more complicated, but also more practical and aesthetic. The scheduled date for production release is III quarter of 2012.

How many countries are the Division’s products supplied to?

As of today, there is a great and constant demand for the products of our Division from clients of 32 countries worldwide. This year, Sweden, Finland, Hungary and Austria were added to this number.

What are your plans for the development of a dealer network in Russia?

Presently, the countries of the former Soviet Union, including Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, are the most promising markets for our Division. Russia is our primary market in this region. A team for work with Russia’s market is formed in the company’s Moscow office. At the moment, we have dealers in all largest districts of the Russian Federation. Thus, the products of our company, as well as, other component parts may be acquired not only at our storage facilities in Moscow, but also from the warehouses of our representatives in Novosibirsk, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don and other large regions. We place a particular emphasis on the development of a dealer network in southern Russia where our positions are not as strong as in central or northern Russia.

What are the year 2012 nearest events at which our company will be presented?

The main exhibitions and trade fairs in which we will take part by themselves in 2012 are Aqua -Therm Kiev 2012 (15 to 18 May, Kiev) and ECWATECH-2012 (5 to 8 June, Moscow). On top of that, the fact that our dealers display our products at the regional exhibitions makes us glad. For example, last month, COTES-Sibir, the dealer of our company, took part in Stroisib 2012 Exhibition at which it exhibited with success our products for the second year running. As early as in April, the other Division’s dealer, Ecovita, will present our products at Interstroi Eco 2012 (Saint-Petersburg, 18-20 April). To this end, I wish to add that we perform a continuous search of dealers; therefore, all interested companies are looking to cooperate with.  


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