Cooling systems

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Water is also used to remove ashes and smoke slag gases during solid fuel combustion.
If latter is used, it is reasonable to perform stabilization treatment of circulating water in order to keep the equipment in good condition and decrease quantity of waste water.The main units of cooling systems are: refrigeration equipment, communications, water unit construction, cooling towers, cold and warm water chambers, pump equipment

Water loss due to evaporation, purge, dripping, and technological needs is replenished with either fresh or treated wastewater. Water impurities cause corrosion, salt sedimentation and biogrowth within heat exchange systems, leading to unwanted and expensive production stoppages. The recent enforcement of higher environmental requirements that prohibit the dumping of wastewater into natural reservoirs means that all cooling systems are now of the closed cycle type, which are renowned for their damaging properties. Now, more than ever before, an appropriate stabilisation programme is vital. Circulating water composition is heterogeneous, and depends on the water supply source, water-cleaning system employed, seasonal changes, what is being manufactured, evaporating coefficient and a number of other, equally important factors. Jurby WaterTech International's experts will inspect your system and prepare the optimum stabilisation treatment programme.

Our Chemical Water Treatment Division provides:

  • System performance examination and analysis
  • Problem finding and solving
  • Matching of the most effective JurbySoft® chemical water treatment programme
  • Dosing equipment installation
  • Water quality limit adjustment and control
  • The division is constantly improving our JurbySoft® products and technologies to meet the latest demands of our customers and the environment.   

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