Cooling systems

A large percentage of water used in the metallurgical industry is for furnace cooling, casting machines and other equipment, the clearing of smoke gases, hydro transport of dust and shaft irrigation. There are two types of cooling systems, namely closed systems for the cooling of high-temperature processes, and those using cooling towers.

In the case of closed cooling systems, once prepared the cooling water circulates independently of the material being cooled, meaning no loss or pollution, and therefore no need for an additional fresh water supply. Cooling systems within cooling towers normally consist of two cycles, known as 'pure' and 'dirty'water. In 'pure' water cycles the water heats up but doesn't become polluted. The cooling of bare, electric motors, smoke exhausters, rotors, crushers and other machinery all use this system. In 'dirty' water cycles the water heats up and does become polluted. The flushing of dust and scale, the cleaning of smoke and ventilating gases and the washing of slime tubes all use this system. In the 'dirty' water cycles water is cleaned in a slime sedimentation tank before reuse.

In order to keep equipment in a good condition and to keep wastewater to a minimum it is important to carry out the stabilisation treatment of cooling water. Water lost through evaporation, purge, dripping and technological use is replaced with fresh water. Water impurities cause slime and salt sedimentation, corrosion, and biofouling of the heat exchange surfaces, leading to unwanted and expensive production stoppages.

The composition of cooling water is heterogeneous and depends on the source of the water supply, feed water cleaning system, seasonal changes, the specific production process, evaporating coefficient and a number of other, equally important factors.

Jurby WaterTech International's specialists will select the appropriate correctional water treatment programme for your boiler and recommend the optimum water quality limit to suit your needs.

Our Chemical Water Treatment Division provides:

  • System performance examination and analysis
  • Problem finding and solving
  • Matching of the most effective JurbySoft® chemical water treatment programme
  • Dosing equipment installation
  • Water quality limit adjustment and control

The division is constantly improving our JurbySoft® products and technologies to meet the latest demands of our customers and the environment.


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