Steam generating

The abuse of heat power facilities often leads to the following problems:

  • Sediment
  • Corrosion
  • Heat quality
  • High power inputs

The quality requirements of feed water depend on the type and pressure of the heat boiler. These requirements are reflected in the appropriate GOST (Russian national standards) and OST (Russian industrial standards) technical specifications and operation instructions. Types of water treatment may vary from simple softening to the preparation of ultra-pure water. Properly treated feed water means a more efficient and reliable heat boiler.

Jurby WaterTech International offers technological solutions to water treatment at the planning stage of boiler-house building or reconstruction.

Engineering Division offers:

  • Optimum water treatment solutions
  • The design and manufacture of AquaHard® and JurbyFlow® water treatment equipment using the latest technologies, from ionic exchange to membrane technologies
  • Automation and, if necessary, water treatment process visualisation

 The division's Service Department provides

  • Equipment installation and supervision
  • Equipment start-up
  • Operating personnel training
  • After sales service

The issue of correctional chemical water treatment requires the greatest care and attention. Questions of chemical deaeration, рН balance correction and treating the boiler to protect surfaces from scale and corrosion are solved by selecting the appropriate corresponding reagent programmes.

Jurby WaterTech International specialists will select the appropriate correctional water treatment programme for your boiler and recommend the best water quality limit, thus ensuring optimum performance.

Our Chemical Water Treatment Division provides:

  • System performance examination and analysis
  • Problem finding and solving
  • Matching of the most effective JurbySoft® chemical water treatment programme
  • Dosing equipment installation
  • Water quality limit adjustment and control

The division is constantly improving our JurbySoft® products and chemical water treatment technologies to meet the latest demands of our customers and the environment.


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