Company history

The history of Jurby WaterTech International, the international engineering company, comes back to the Year 1992 when it started its operation from a small trading company. Rapidly growing and constantly improving and acquiring the latest technologies, the company proceeded to rendering of the more large-scale and integrated services in the field of water treatment, processing, purification and use.

For over seventeen years, general ideology, unitary standard and professional approach to solving the assigned problems hold the specialists of our company together. At present, Jurby WaterTech International is a leading European engineering and technology company offering its clients the guaranteed best solutions in the field of industrial and domestic/portable water purification and treatment.

The water treatment systems, technologies and chemical products of the Company are successfully used at over 300 major enterprises of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries of the world on almost all planet continents. The enterprises of all industries and sizes ranging from oil holdings and large manufacturing establishments to comparatively small-scale productions are among the users of our services and technologies.

 The offices of Jurby WaterTech International are located in London, Amsterdam, Moscow, Kiev and Kaunas. The company owns the in-house storage facilities and logistics centres in Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine) and Kaunas (Lithuania).


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