Business Units


Engineering Division


The Engineering Division of Jurby WaterTech International offers superior process engineering solutions and high-quality execution of projects in the field of industrial and domestic / potable water purification and treatment. The Engineering Division is an obvious leader in provision of superior solutions and qualitative services in the field of water treatment in Eastern and Central European countries. 

Superior technological solutions and high-quality project execution - unique integrated production process at the Engineering Division that involves:

  • High-level solutions based on the state-of-the-art technologies and experience of their application, taking into account the requirements of the client
  • Complete, accurate and detailed planning and design from process solutions through to schemes of automation and ACS TP programming at our own specialized design department.    
  • Unique production entirely in-house, using up-to-date methods and in accordance with Quality Management System ISO 9001 giving guaranteed quality and reliability
  • Complete and accurate preparation of installation documentation, as this influences markedly terms, quality and costs of construction and erection work
  • Qualitative, timely performance of contract-supervision, installation, set up and commissioning work
  • Guaranteed in-house provision of full package of customer documentation for entire water treatment system.
  • Highly professional and effective project management system during all stages of execution
  • Experience in "turnkey" contract fulfilment on EPC(M) and general contract terms
  • Warranty servicing and quality after-service

This unique integrated process provides significant competitive advantages regarding the quality of process solutions, terms and costs of projects of any complexity. In the areas of Eastern and Central Europe, no other company provides such competitive advantages in the field of water treatment.


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